General - Pre-Sales Questions

The BeHear ACCESS Model II hearing amplifier includes all the features of the BeHear ACCESS Model I. In addition, Model II includes:

  • Tone control: An option for emphasizing either low or high frequencies directly from the headset, enabling customization without using the BeHear app. Tone control is available for all listening modes: live hearing, cell phone calls, and music/audio streaming.
  • Bluetooth 5.0: A more stable connection than 4.2, it is easier to pair and supports “over the air” firmware updates for the BeHear device.
  • Increased loudness: A new amplification formula allows higher gain without feedback.
  • Tinnitus masking: A transparent masking noise can be generated through the headset to lessen tinnitus discomfort. Users can customize the volume, sharpness, pitch, balance, and modulation of the noise using the BeHear app.

Both BeHear NOW and BeHear ACCESS:

  • look and function like a Bluetooth® stereo headset
  • include fully customizable hearing amplification and noise reduction for live conversations, mobile phone calls, music play, and ambient sounds
  • clarify speech (and if needed during mobile phone calls, slow it down!)
  • enhance music

In addition, BeHear ACCESS:

  • includes two telecoil receivers to deliver optimal sound in locations outfitted with induction loop technology.
  • has large, tactile buttons for easier operation (especially if dexterity is an issue).
  • comes with a magnetized charging cradle, as opposed to a direct USB cable which attaches to the neckband (also a usability issue).
  • includes sound directionality with three options: narrow, wide, and omni.*
  • allows users to reduce the perceived echo effect of their own voice.*
  • provides support for unilateral hearing (both CROS and BiCROS).*
  • is more expensive.

* Starting with units sold in June 2021

Features Comparison: BeHear NOW vs BeHear ACCESS