How to Hear Better at Lectures and Concerts

  • Do you sometimes have trouble following dialog at the movies, in lectures, or in houses of worship?
  • Do you seem to hear live music better without your hearing aids?
  • Does background noise from the audience prevent you from enjoying theater and/or concerts?

Technology to the Rescue

Advanced technology based on input from four separate microphones cancels out distracting noise while amplifying important sounds.
Advanced technology based on input from four separate microphones cancels out distracting noise while amplifying important sounds.

These are all symptoms that can be addressed with a smart hearing enhancement headset, which both amplifies and clarifies important sounds on a wide spectrum. If you use hearing aids you may realize that they are more of a hindrance than a help in live music concerts (since they were designed to amplify human speech, up to 5KHz, and live music goes well beyond that frequency).

Even if you have only mild-to-moderate hearing loss you will appreciate the BeHear line of personal hearing devices, which provide a completely personalized hearing experience. Important ambient sounds, peoples’ voices, and sounds from all audio sources are amplified, enhanced and adapted to suit individual hearing preferences.

Advanced technology based on input from four separate microphones integrated into a neck loop style Bluetooth headset cancels out distracting noise while amplifying important sounds. The result: improved intelligibility of speech and better appreciation of the nuances of live music.

Telecoil Receivers Included for Venues with Hearing Loops

BeHear ACCESS assistive hearing headset with telecoil and charging cradle
Example of a Wear & Hear product: the BeHear ACCESS neck loop style with charging cradle and T-coil support.

The BeHear ACCESS model also includes two Telecoil receivers to support transmission of the sound source in venues equipped with induction (hearing) loops directly to your ears, avoiding reverberation and other distracting noises. “Transparent” Telecoil mode engages the ListenThrough technology to allow you to converse with people nearby, hearing their dialog on top of the streamed hearing loop sound at your chosen level of transparency.

Companion App Provides Additional Functionality

Hearing Assessment in BeHear hearing amplifiersA free app, available for iPhone and Android, allows you to personalize the headset using an integrated hearing assessment. The results of the assessment are automatically applied to the headset and used as a baseline for all your hearing through the headset: live conversations, audio play (including television), mobile phone calls, and important ambient sounds like live performances and sounds in nature.


Fine-tuning sound in BeHear hearing amplifiersIn noisy settings, use the app to set the level of background noise reduction. Also, customize what you hear in real time by selecting the Best Sound Point. Simply tap on different squares in the app’s grid until you achieve the best combination of frequency and amplitude for your current situation.



The BeHear line ushers in a new era of hearing enhancement wherein stylish, affordable, self-fit, always-connected wearable audio devices deliver crystal clear and pleasantly natural customized audio and voice directly to an individual’s ears.

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