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BeHear is the brand name for a line of concept, future-forward wearable audio devices developed by Alango Technologies, a leading supplier of voice and audio enhancement technologies for the communication and entertainment markets. With millions of communication products using the Company’s algorithms and software, Alango has accumulated over two decades of practical experience developing and licensing digital sound processing technologies working in noisy, reverberant and otherwise unfriendly acoustic environments.

During this time the Company realized that people have individual hearing preferences, find themselves in various types of sound environments, and use a wide variety of audio devices. How is it possible for everyone to hear the same sound? It also became apparent that there was a large number of people who could benefit from Alango Technologies’ expertise, but who were not targeted by traditional consumer electronic channels. As a result, Alango created a new type of device that would fill the gap. It would answer the requirements of a modern consumer who is well acquainted with mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets and finds him/herself in situations where speech comprehension and/or listening pleasure is difficult, but, for whatever reason, does not want to wear hearing aids. The result is BeHear.

BeHear is a convenient, affordable, fashionable, and multi-functional personalizable Bluetooth headset. It looks just like a regular headset but can function as a truly personal all-around listening device that can be customized using its dedicated smartphone application. BeHear disrupts the traditional “hearing aid” model and helps establish a new product category as a listening enhancement device, leading new technological efforts to enrich how people hear for the modern age.

Alango’s mission with the BeHear line is to build space within the consumer electronics industry to provide affordable, reliable devices that can help hearing-impaired people enhance their hearing. The company is currently developing technology to help relieve tinnitus and correct speech disorders such as slow speech or stuttering and hopes one day to help deaf people to “feel” sound, and to help blind people navigate using tactile and audio information.

BeHear’s focus is to raise public awareness about their alternative solution to hearing enhancement, the solution that has the potential to improve the quality of life of hearing-impaired people (and those who wish to communicate verbally with them) worldwide.

For a more personal view of the company and its mission, read this Letter from the CEO & Founder.


Note: BeHear products are not substitutes for a hearing aid. They are intended for use by people who want to improve their comprehension of live conversations, mobile/video calls, and TV shows, and enhance their enjoyment when listening to music and sounds in nature.
The FDA advises anyone who suspects hearing loss to seek evaluation by a health care professional.

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