“SMARTO has changed my life: I can hear again!” claims a 94-year-old woman who finds this new hearing amplifier superior to her hearing aids

June 16, 2022

Alango releases BeHear SMARTO, a simple yet powerful programmable hearing amplifier with Bluetooth® connectivity

Alango Technologies, a leading independent provider of DSP speech and audio enhancement software technologies for the communications industry, today announced the launch of BeHear® SMARTO, a hand-held or body worn hearing amplifier with Bluetooth® connectivity for people with mild to severe hearing problems. SMARTO features Alango’s award-winning technology that enhances hearing and reduces background noise to clarify speech in live conversations, cell phone and video calls, and TV programs.

You Have Given Me Back My Life!

Last year Elaine B. was fitted with hearing aids to address her profound hearing loss. Although they allowed her to communicate with family members, due to discomfort she could not wear them for extended periods. Furthermore, they were not helpful for television, obliging her to find a separate device for TV watching. Adding to the complexity of the solution, Mrs. B. had difficulty charging the devices, as her vision was also failing. Mrs. B. agreed to try the new BeHear SMARTO, which was designed specifically for people who need significant amplification with minimal effort. Her enthusiasm for the new product can be felt in her video testimonial, where she exclaims “You have given me back my life!”.

Advanced Hearing Aid Technology at an Affordable Price

SMARTO provides accessible, affordable, programmable hearing enhancement for people who, for whatever reason, do not use hearing aids. Alango’s proprietary technology offers much more than just sound amplification. Sophisticated algorithms separate speech from noise, adjust the strength of different frequencies to match the user’s preferences, and focus the sound input to zero-in on a specific speaker. Another unique feature allows the user to slow down incoming speech on cell phone calls to improve intelligibility. SMARTO also includes a user-customizable noise generator as sound therapy for relief of tinnitus, or “ringing in the ears”.

Key Benefits of the SMARTO Hearing Amplifier

  • Simple and effective: With large, colorful buttons for easy operation, SMARTO is suitable for people who have limited mobility, vision, dexterity, or dementia.
  • Loud and clear mobile calls: Comprehension during cell calls is increased due to personalized amplification, noise reduction technology, and Alango’s EasyListen™ feature, which slows down incoming speech, when desired.
  • Superior audio quality: Bluetooth 5.0 support ensures that clear dialogue and rich music tones from streamed TV programs, music tracks, podcasts, conference calls and other audio content are delivered directly to the SMARTO headset.
  • Directionality: In challenging, noisy conditions users can activate “focus mode”, point the device towards a particular person, and benefit from selective amplification in the direction of interest.
  • Tailored amplification: Conversation isn’t just louder; it is adapted to suit the user’s unique hearing profile.
  • Built-in safety feature: A custom emergency call option that can be triggered with a single button press makes it easy for the user to call for help and provides peace of mind for family members.
  • Tinnitus relief therapy: Customizable masking sounds can ease the discomfort of tinnitus.

Hearing Professionals, Caregivers, and Family Members Will Also Benefit

“Age-related hearing loss is extremely frustrating for seniors, their families, and their caregivers, but hearing aids are not providing the solution for the majority of those affected,” notes Alango’s CEO and Founder, Dr. Alexander Goldin. “So, we created BeHear SMARTO, an accessible, affordable, and easy way for seniors to stay connected. We hope hearing professionals, caregivers, and family members will encourage seniors to communicate with SMARTO, for everyone’s benefit.”


BeHear SMARTO is now available commercially for $189 (€189 in Europe and the U.K.) through BeHear’s international distribution channel, Best Buy online, Walmart online, Amazon, and the BeHear Web site.

About Alango Technologies

Alango Technologies, Ltd. (www.alango.com) has been developing sound enhancement technologies since 2002, selling over 60 million software licenses that improve the audio experience in automotive, entertainment, and smart home applications around the world. Realizing the importance and opportunity of combining the sound enhancement technology found in hearing aids with the advances and costs in the consumer electronics world, the Company is now using its field-proven expertise in sound technology to create products for personal hearing enhancement: the “BeHear” product line (www.alango-behear.com). With over 10,000 BeHear units sold to date, the direction is clear: people want inexpensive, stylish, multi-functional, and self-fit solutions to keep them in the conversation.


BeHear is a registered trademark of Alango Technologies, Ltd. in the United States. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

BeHear PROXY neck speaker reduces listening fatigue

May 03, 2021

Seema uses BeHear PROXY neck speaker to reduce listening fatigue at work, when receiving travel requirements from clients on the go, and at home, to enjoy TV without disturbing the other family members.

With BeHear PROXY I can hear all the details…

Seema, a travel consultant, uses BeHear PROXY to make sure she hears all her clients’ requirements while keeping her hands free to process their requests.

My name is Seema, and I’m a travel consultant. I mostly deal with business travel clients. My clients typically call me in the middle of the day, often from very noisy spaces.

The success of my work totally depends on my not missing any details while receiving travel requirements. Sometimes, even the tone which is used when relaying details will determine the type of services I choose to offer.

I have a small hearing loss in one ear. I do not wear hearing aids, I’m not quite there yet, but I thought it would be really interesting to try the PROXY. I have completely fallen in love with this product. It’s a dream come true.

The BeHear PROXY neck speaker is comfortable and convenient

It’s very light and comfortable on my shoulders, around my neck. Its features are very accessible – the volume, turning it off and on, moving from earphones, which are very comfortable and stay in my ear, they do not fall out. And they are put away very easily.

BeHear PROXY enables me to work hands free, which is incredibly important. I can get up, I can move around, I can write, I can copy, I can research, while I’m listening. The clarity and the sharpness of the sound is incredible. I don’t miss a single word of any conversation.

When I’m in the office, I use earphones, for privacy. And when I’m alone, at home, I work without them. Since having PROXY I have not gone one single day without using it.

“I never imagined I would love BeHear PROXY more than my Dyson!”

I have to say that I also noticed that I feel so much less tired at the end of the day since I apparently am exerting so much less energy focusing and concentrating on hearing. The BeHear PROXY neck speaker reduces listening fatigue.

Watching TV has also become a pleasure. I can hear at my own volume. I do not bother anybody, no one else disturbs me. And no one hears me saying “shush” anymore. Thank you so much BeHear PROXY for this incredible experience!

“I can’t imagine having just my hearing aids, anymore”

April 25, 2021

In this blog post we’re sharing comments from Beth, a singer and music teacher who explains how PROXY helps her hear better with hearing aids. She started using the BeHear PROXY neck speaker a few weeks ago and was amazed by the sound quality, comfort, ease-of-use, and flexibility of the multi-functional hearing amplifier. She uses BeHear PROXY to listen to music and podcasts while exercising, speak hands-free in mobile calls, and tutor students over Zoom.

I decided to get hearing aids when I realized I was becoming a burden

hear better with hearing aids
Beth, vocalist and music teacher, chimes in on BeHear PROXY

My name is Beth, and I’m a cantor, which means that I chant religious services, and I also prepare young people to chant and sing religious text. And this means that I really need my ears.

About 4-4.5 years ago, I noticed a drop in the hearing in my right ear. I noticed this because if I held my phone to my right ear I couldn’t hear so well, but if I moved it to my left ear, I suddenly heard very clearly.

So I went to an audiologist and I was diagnosed with a hearing loss. They told me I wasn’t quite a candidate for hearing aids yet, so I waited a while, and I wondered about it, and asked myself “do I want hearing aids?”

Eventually, there really wasn’t a choice; when you’re going “what, what, what?” every other sentence, you realize you’re becoming a burden to the people around you.

So then I took on the process of researching hearing aids, because there are so many kinds, and which one do I buy, and it’s a big investment. And I finally settled on a brand, and I’ve been wearing hearing aids now for about three years, and I enjoy them very much, they’ve made a huge difference in my quality of life.

With PROXY I don’t always need my hearing aids in to hear better

Then I heard about the BeHear PROXY. When I first looked at the videos online I became intrigued, because it seemed like it was offering a middle ground; I didn’t always need to have my hearing aids in to hear well!

My hearing aids are comfortable, but because of my work, and because of my active lifestyle, I have to have them in from early in the morning until late at night. I can’t be in front of the TV or the computer without them, and my ears get a bit tired wearing hearing aids for 12-15 hours. They also don’t always make my sound 100% clear. My hearing is definitely better with the hearing aids, but there are still certain things that I don’t hear clearly.

When I first put on the BeHear PROXY I discovered that there’s another “space” in this hearing world, and that is one that I can use in my home very comfortably. The ear pieces are extremely comfortable, they’re soft and they fit very easily.

The BeHear PROXY is very light on my neck. That was another thing: when I opened the box, I loved the design. It’s attractive, it’s easy to wear, and the retractors for the ear pieces work so beautifully, and are so simple to use.

So, when I’m walking outside, and I do walk about 3-5 miles every day, they’re really comfortable to wear and to use, and to listen to my music, or my podcasts, and I don’t have to have my phone in my hand, and I don’t have the headphones on, which get tight and bulky, after a while, when you’re walking for an hour and a half, that’s what happens.

The amazing speakers are fabulous for Zoom calls

My favorite, my absolute favorite feature, are the amazing speakers. The sound is so clear, and so crisp, when it comes into my ears, that it’s unlike anything I’ve heard for a long, long time, even with my fabulous hearing aids. So I really really appreciate that, particularly when I’m teaching children on Zoom, or when I’m in classes on Zoom. I have a 3-hour writing class that I’m taking, and that’s a long time to be listening. The BeHear is just a fabulous thing to be using for that purpose.

I also like that I can adjust the volume easily, with the BeHear, and that I have the app that I can do that through as well. Your hearing aids have a set position, and it’s a really good position, but sometimes I feel like I’d like to be able to turn up the volume as well, and I can do that with my BeHear PROXY.

I wish I knew about PROXY before I got my hearing aid

One thing that happened for me, when I found out that I needed hearing aids, was a little bit of difficulty with this change in my self-image. And I was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of having hearing aids. For me, BeHear PROXY would have been, if I had had it at the time I was considering hearing aids, a great way to ease into the transition. BeHear PROXY gives me flexibility; it gives me a really comfortable way to experience hearing amplification.

I think in retrospect, if this had been available to me when I was in my search for hearing aids, and debating, I would totally have bought this. BeHear PROXY is very reasonably priced and would have been a great way to have an experience with hearing amplification without having to invest a lot of money, and get involved, and worry about all of the implications. This is a really comfortable, easy to use instrument, that gives me what I need.

If I had known about BeHear PROXY when I was first dealing with getting hearing aids, I think it would have been a great help in navigating my issues of self-image as I came to terms with the fact that I was going to need hearing aids.

Bottom line: the sound quality of BeHear PROXY goes above and beyond any expectation

I love the sound quality of BeHear PROXY. It goes above and beyond anything I could have expected. While I have good hearing aids, this gives me good flexibility and options that I didn’t have before. I love using BeHear PROXY with my computer, I love using it with my television, I love using it when I exercise, and listening to my cell phone, to my podcasts, to my music. I love being able to answer the phone, when I’m in the house, and it’s completely hands-free. And the sound quality when I speak to people, is good as well. They hear me very clearly, and I hear other people more clearly as well. And so, it’s a great, great product. I’ve really enjoyed using it and I’m so grateful that I have it now. I can’t imagine having just my hearing aids, anymore. I will definitely be using the BeHear PROXY in the years to come.

Alango’s Wear & Hear Product Line and Digital Health During COVID-19

June 11, 2020

Efficient medical service and care require a continuous voice communication between the patient and the provider. Hearing loss negatively impacts the ability to communicate.

Video excerpt of Wear & Hear CEO and Founder Dr. Alexander Goldin’s recent presentation in an Israel Export Institute webinar entitled: “Digital Health COVID-19 Response – Keeping Patients Away from Hospital with No Compromise in Medical Services and Care”.

Hearing loss today is not a rare health condition. On average, 15% of population have some level of hearing loss, 5% have disabling hearing loss. The situation is becoming worse quickly with age. Nearly half of those older than 75 have disabling hearing loss.

Using BeHear ACCESS personalized hearing headset in medical situations
Comprehensible doctor-patient communication is extremely important for optimal treatment of any ailment.

As a result, many elderly people who are admitted to hospitals cannot communicate properly. Patients with untreated hearing loss may not understand explanations of the treatment they receive, they cannot understand instructions and they may not follow the medical procedures once they discharge from the hospital because they simply did not hear them well.

BeHear ACCESS enhances hearing of television dialogue
Intelligible telecommunication is more important than ever as large numbers are currently “sheltering in place”.

Being at home and getting medical services remotely also requires good verbal telecommunication. Understanding of questions and instructions is the key for success since when people are at home, there may be no one to monitor them. Being at home without an ability to communicate efficiently is also related to the feeling of isolation and loneliness leading to depression.

Most of hearing-impaired people could benefit from hearing amplification, but only few use it. Hearing amplification today is associated with hearing aids that, even in developed countries, are used by only 25% of those who need them. In low income countries the situation is much worse. What can we do to improve communication with hearing-impaired people?

Our company, Alango Technologies was founded in 2002 and, today, we are a leading licensor of digital voice enhancement technologies for the communication market. Improving voice communication is our bread and butter. Four years ago we decided to develop our own line of alternative, disruptive hearing amplification devices that can help people to communicate in all situations. Several of our products are on the market already and more will come soon. We call our brand Wear & Hear.

BeHear NOW personalized hearing amplifier
BeHear NOW personalized hearing amplifier

BeHear NOW is our first device that looks and works as a stylish Bluetooth stereo headset, but it is also a powerful digital hearing aid. It can work as a standalone device, but its full functionality is achieved via its smartphone application. The user performs a simple, intuitive hearing assessment. After that, all sounds are personalized for the best hearing experience in live conversations, music streaming and phone calls. During phone calls, it can even slow down the incoming voice improving its intelligibility. This makes BeHear a great tool for hearing impaired people to communicate with medical service providers.

HearLink PLUS use case schematic diagram
When connected with HearLink PLUS, our long-range Bluetooth transmitter, BeHear works as an advanced TV listening system.
BeHear ACCESS assistive hearing headset with telecoil and charging cradle

BeHear ACCESS is similar in functionality to BeHear NOW, but it has been designed for older people. It has larger control boxes with big buttons convenient for people with dexterity problems. BeHear ACCESS also integrates telecoil receivers for use in facilities equipped with hearing loops.

BeHear BUSINESS monaural personalized hearing headset
BeHear BUSINESS monaural personalized hearing headset

BeHear BUSINESS is a monaural personalized hearing amplifier and Bluetooth communication headset for client-facing professionals who may not feel comfortable wearing a stereo headset at work. [By the way, it is a great device for medical personal with hearing loss!]

BeHear PROXY personalized neck speaker with retractable ear buds
BeHear PROXY personalized neck speaker with retractable earbuds.

BeHear PROXY is a personalizable neck speaker for TV listening. It also works as a high-quality speakerphone with loudspeakers very close to the user’s ears. If privacy is important, it can be easily transformed into a headset and personal sound amplifier by pulling out its retractable earbuds.

YONA - remote microphone with Bluetooth connectivity
YONA – remote microphone with Bluetooth connectivity

YONA is our remote microphone that can transmit voice into any of our BeHear devices, improving communication in noisy environments or over large distances.

There are multiple data today indicating that good hearing and the ability to communicate are key to good health. Our goal is to make our world sound good to all of us.

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Self-Tuned Bluetooth Hearing Amplifier with Telecoil Support Introduced

September 06, 2019

Designed to aid those with situational hearing loss, the BeHear® ACCESS personalizable hearing headset joins Alango’s Wear & Hear line of hearing enhancement and assistive listening devices

IFA – Berlin, Germany & Tirat Carmel, Israel — September 6, 2019Today at the IFA Berlin international tradeshow Alango Technologies Ltd. (“Alango”), a global leader in digital voice, audio, and hearing enhancement technologies, will introduce the latest member of the Wear & Hear line. BeHear ACCESS is a Personalized Hearing Amplifier housed in a stylish Bluetooth® stereo headset. It enhances hearing in various situations, such as face-to-face conversations, live concerts, mobile phone calls, streaming music, TV listening, and others. BeHear ACCESS integrates telecoil receivers making it ideal for use in venues equipped with Induction Loop Systems. Alango will also introduce HearLink™ Plus, a long-range, low latency audio transmitter. This device channels sound from audio sources (such as television sets) directly to BeHear headsets to clarify and personalize the listening experience.

Addressing Growing Concerns About the Prevalence of Untreated Hearing Loss Worldwide

According to recent data from World Health Organization, around 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss, and that number will practically double by the year 2050. Untreated hearing loss is associated with isolation, cognitive decline, and dementia. Globally, hearing aids provide a solution to less than 3% of those that could benefit. Factors for low hearing aid uptake include high cost, stigma, limited functionality, and the long fitting (personalization) process.

“With our Wear & Hear line, we aim to change the unfortunate worldwide hearing health situation. Alango leverages almost two decades of practical experience developing digital sound processing technologies and incorporates them into consumer electronics devices,” states Alango Founder and CEO Dr. Alexander Goldin. “The result is stylish, self-tunable, all-around hearing enhancement products like BeHear ACCESS – viable solutions to the worldwide hearing loss epidemic that cost a fraction of what people generally pay for even basic hearing aids.”


Samples are currently available for reviewers and distribution partners. General availability for both BeHear® ACCESS and HearLink™ Plus is scheduled for Q4 2019. For more information about Wear & Hear, visit www.WearAndHear.com.

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