Release Notes for BeHear NOW Firmware (version 0013)

May 29, 2019

Note: Upgrade time for Android phones is approximately 10-15 minutes. Upgrade time for iOS phones is several hours (therefore, nighttime upgrade – with iPhone connected to charger – is recommended).


This firmware is applicable to BeHear NOW headsets with hardware version 1.0.0 and previous firmware release numbers 000F, 0010 or 0011.


  1. Improved sound quality in Personal Hearing operation mode.
  2. The volume of voice prompts and tones has been standardized for all operation modes.

User Interface

  1. The improved sound quality in Personal Hearing operation mode mentioned above is reflected in a new Best Sound Point (BSP) grid. The matrix is now 7×7 for a total of 49 different squares in the grid. Each square represents a different sound mix for the selected hearing profile (Indoor, Outdoor, Crowd and Live Music). Instructions for setting the BSP remain unchanged (view more information about BSP here).
  2. A Spanish language interface option has been added to the Settings menu (alongside English and French).

Bug Fixes


Known Issues

Loudness of voice prompts cannot be regulated.