Can I copy my hearing assessment results from one BeHear device to another?

If you are using the same phone and BeHear app for both devices, you can apply the assessment results from one BeHear device to the other using the app.
What you need to do is:

  1. Pair the second BeHear device with your smartphone.
  2. Open the BeHear app on your smartphone.
  3. Go to “Personal” and then tap the “Library” icon.
  4. Choose the audiogram/assessment you would like to apply to the second BeHear device and tap “Apply”.
  5. Choose the headset you have just paired and click “OK” and then “APPLY NOW”
  6. The second BeHear device will restart and the assessment will be applied.

Does the BeHear PROXY need Bluetooth to work?

The primary functions of the BeHear PROXY neck speaker are:

1. To provide a comfortable and convenient way to listen to streamed audio (from a television, smartphone, laptop, gaming console, music player, etc.).

2. To allow you to participate in mobile/video calls.

For these use cases Bluetooth is required, and both “ears free” loudspeaker mode and earphones mode are supported.

A secondary function of the BeHear PROXY is to provide hearing amplification for live conversations and ambient sounds. No Bluetooth is required for this functionality, which is supported in earphones mode only. For best results, however, we recommend personalizing what you hear by performing the Hearing Assessment in the W&H BeHear app, which requires a Bluetooth connection to the smartphone on which it is installed. Upon completion of the assessment your unique hearing profile will be programmed into the BeHear PROXY neck speaker, and the Bluetooth connection will no longer be needed.