What is the difference between ACCESS Model I and ACCESS Model II?

The BeHear ACCESS Model II hearing amplifier includes all the features of the BeHear ACCESS Model I. In addition, Model II includes:

  • Tone control: An option for emphasizing either low or high frequencies directly from the headset, enabling customization without using the BeHear app. Tone control is available for all listening modes: live hearing, cell phone calls, and music/audio streaming.
  • Bluetooth 5.0: A more stable connection than 4.2, it is easier to pair and supports “over the air” firmware updates for the BeHear device.
  • Increased loudness: A new amplification formula allows higher gain without feedback.
  • Tinnitus masking: A transparent masking noise can be generated through the headset to lessen tinnitus discomfort. Users can customize the volume, sharpness, pitch, balance, and modulation of the noise using the BeHear app.