How to get good sound from a flat-screen TV

Larry Kavanaugh, Guest Service Associate at Bok Tower Gardens and Hearing Loss Advocate

Larry Kavanaugh was a member of the Network of Consumer Hearing Assistive Technology Trainers (N-CHATT) when he originally met the BeHear team several years back at an HLAA annual convention.

Back then Larry was wearing two hearing aids, as he had done for almost 50 years. Due to his severe/profound loss, the BeHear hearing amplifiers available at that time were not really suitable for him (although if BeHear SMARTO had been ready back then he could have given it a try!). In August 2018 he was implanted with a Medel implant, activated in September 2018. According to Larry, “It has been amazing.”

We’re obviously thrilled for Larry, and were generally happy to hear how BeHear has managed to improve his quality of life when he recently wrote us to share his experiences about using the HearLink PLUS transmitter. Larry writes:

“As you know, television audio is so poor on today’s flat screen models, and normally I recommend to everyone that they invest in a sound bar in order to receive intelligible sound. I have a couple of different Bose Bluetooth speakers that I have used to listen to music with my smartphone, but my TV does not have Bluetooth and the only output is optical. So, the HearLink PLUS seemed like the perfect way to add fuller sound to my TV.”

Sample implementation of HearLink PLUS Bluetooth transmitter for flat screen television.

“I connected it – easily, and paired it with my Bose ColorLink portable speaker. Now I enjoy great sound. It remembers my device when I turn on the TV each time so I don’t have to re-pair it. I also have a set of Beyerdynamic Aventho Bluetooth headphones that I love, so my next step will be to pair them and see how that works out!”

I’m going to recommend the HearLink Plus to any of my friends who are looking to add Bluetooth capability to their HAT [editor’s note: HAT = Hearing Assistive Technology] arsenal.

There are many Bluetooth adapter devices available on the Internet, but this one does it all and does it well.

Larry Kavanaugh, Guest Service Associate at Bok Tower Gardens and Hearing Loss Advocate

HearLink PLUS uses either an analog or optical connection to the audio source (in this case, a flat-screen TV) to transmit sound wirelessly to a Bluetooth receiver, eliminating room reverberation and ambient noise that can degrade the listening experience. BeHear headset users get the extra benefit of having the crisp and clear TV audio personalized to suit their unique hearing profile. Get a discount when you purchase any BeHear amplifier (SMARTO, ACCESS, or PROXY) bundled with HearLink PLUS.

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