Globes Article Traces Alango’s History

From Hands-free Phone Tech to Assistive Hearing

Logo for Globes newspaper♦ This article published in the Globes newspaper traces Alango’s history from its founding to present day sound technology enhancements in the form of assistive hearing devices.

The Globes writer, Gali Weinreb, interviewed Alango’s CEO, Dr. Alexander Goldin. The article traces Dr. Goldin’s career prior to founding Alango two decades ago, and documents how he used the company’s expertise in sound enhancement technology to launch its new line of personalized hearing devices called Wear & Hear. Furthermore, benefits of BeHear NOW, the recently launched first product in the Wear & Hear line, are described. For example:

“…at least for people with slight hearing problems, the product can be adapted without an audiologist.”

To read the entire article, click here.
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