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  • BeHear NOW (refurbished)

    Hearing amplifier for live conversations, mobile calls, and streamed audio

    • Designed for people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss
    • Amplifies only the frequencies where you need a boost
    • 4 different preset hearing modes and dedicated app
    • Rechargeable for up to 12 hours of use
    • Developed by experienced sound engineers and certified audiologist
    This refurbished unit is available only in the U.S. (used but cleaned, tested, and fully updated) Note: BeHear NOW headsets are not hearing aids and are not designed to restore hearing.  

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BeHear SMARTO customer from France

Michel Baudry

Loyal BeHear customer since 2019

Kevin Knauss, health insurance agent

Can now hear his cats asking to come in
Robert Berger satisfied BeHear NOW customer

Robert M. Berger

I’m hearing things I haven’t heard for years
behear proxy listening fatigue

Seema, Travel Consultant

Eliminates hearing fatigue with BeHear PROXY

Robin Choularton

Hears better with BeHear ACCESS

[The] device is easy to operate and enjoyable to use. Plus there were considerable savings in the investment.

Brian Graham

Hears better with BeHear

“The BeHears are indispensable for me. One advantage for me while driving is that, coupled with a smartphone, I can listen to music while still hearing outside sounds — AND — I can also hear the Google Maps navigation voice. It comes through loud and clear.”

Les Borean

Hears better with BeHear
Bernie Slepkov satisfied BeHear NOW customer

“They are so much clearer than my hearing aids, more so for the caller, even when buried under clothing. Plus the overall sound quality when streaming music or podcasts is richer than my hearing aids.”

Bernie Slepkov

Hears better with BeHear
Jan Wagner, Editor - AutoMatters & More

“I was able to hear my T.V. while it was playing at a low volume level, suitable for my neighbors’ peace and quiet…”

Jan Wagner, Editor, AutoMatters & More

BeHear review
15 minutes with Joe Tomaso

Joe Tomaso, True Crimes Podcast Host

Hears better with BeHear NOW

Warren Jacobs, Medical Doctor

Hears better with BeHear ACCESS