Customer Praises BeHear NOW Personal Hearing Device

On-line Search Results in Enhanced Hearing

Built-in hearing assessment in W&H BeHear app
The hearing assessment in the W&H BeHear app allows the wearer to test his/her own hearing. The results are applied automatically to the headset for a truly personalized hearing experience — no matter what the situation!

♦ One of our first on-line customers was sufficiently moved by his experience with the BeHear NOW headset to write us about it in detail.

Thanks for your assistance in receiving the Wear & Hear.

It arrived yesterday.

At first I just tried it w/o hearing test or other adjustments except gain.

I was amazed at how much better it enhances sound than what I was using before.

Then I charged it and performed the standard test and later the advanced test.

It was incredibly good after the standard test was applied.

Then even a bit better after the advanced test.

A little additional fine tuning resulted in a bit better performance.

The android app worked well and was generally straight forward to use.

I was able to hear sounds that I don’t remember ever hearing before such as the crinkling sound when I opened the small plastic bags with the ear bud ear hooks, etc.

Dave Blackburn

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