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Need Amplification, But Not Yet Ready for a Hearing Aid?

"If you have a hearing problem but don’t think you’re ready for a hearing aid, the BeHear NOW headset is a great halfway house." Read more >

Reducing the Curse of Isolation for People with Hearing Loss

by Dr. Alexander Goldin ♦ Social isolation is a fundamental health-related problem. This excellent article gives a lot of information about how social isolation may be related to hearing loss. In these turbulent times brought on by the COVID-19 virus,..... Read more >

Get Big Savings by Acting Today!

These days many people are confined to their homes. Those with hearing loss, especially those aged 65 and older, experience more frustration than ever as they struggle to deal with the following challenges: Face-to-Face Communication Being able to communicate with..... Read more >

How to Alleviate Unnecessary Stress for the Elderly During the Pandemic

The Most Vulnerable Age Group to Catch the Virus is Also the Group Most Likely to Suffer from Hearing Loss ♦ Getting sick enough to see a health professional during these days of the Corona virus pandemic is stressful in..... Read more >

World Hearing Day: March 3

This year’s theme is “Hearing for life: Don’t let hearing loss limit you” Every year on March 3, WHO, the health agency of the United Nations, engages organizations in World Hearing Day public awareness activities. This year’s theme, “Hearing for..... Read more >

Alango Founder Describes His Vision for Better Hearing

What inspired a computer engineer with expertise in sound enhancement to tackle the “silent epidemic” of untreated hearing loss? Dr. Alexander Goldin, the Founder and CEO of Alango Technologies, was recently interviewed by Tyler Gallagher of Authority Magazine. The following..... Read more >

Do You Think Your Hearing is Fine?

If you are between the ages of 20 and 69 – you probably suffer from hearing loss. But there is good news – you can check it by yourself and do something about it. If you think your hearing is..... Read more >

How to Survive a Family Gathering When You Have Hearing Loss

5 tips for enjoying the upcoming holiday season when your hearing is impaired Having hearing loss can sometimes make you feel left out of conversations. It’s easy to turn down invitations to parties and events, or to withdraw from group..... Read more >

Induction Loops, Telecoils and BeHear ACCESS

The News BeHear ACCESS, a Personalized Hearing Amplifier headset in the BeHear product line, incorporates telecoil receivers. Function Induction Loop Systems transmit wireless audio input via a magnetic field to telecoil receivers. These receivers are found in many hearing aids,..... Read more >

How to Hear Better in Noisy Places

Do you sometimes have trouble following conversations in noisy places? Does it seem that restaurants play background music louder than they used to? Do you struggle to hear the speaker at the end of the dining or conference room table?..... Read more >

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