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Promoting Hearing Health in China with BeHear Hearing Self-Check Kiosks

You may know that our products are designed in Israel, and then manufactured in China. But did you know that BeHear products are sold in China in a wide variety of sectors? Here are a few examples of how BeHear..... Read more >

Hearables, innovative hearing solutions, create an opportunity for holistic audiology

The hearing healthcare market is rapidly changing, expanding to include a new category of hearing solutions called hearables – devices that offer different types of hybrids between hearing aids and consumer electronic headsets or ear buds. The delay in OTC..... Read more >

Why use a neck speaker with hearing aids?

Use BeHear PROXY neck speaker with hearing aids, slow down the speech in real time or run the hearing test with the W&H app. The Facebook community HoH DEAF NOT STUPID posts and discusses resources and organizations that are of..... Read more >

Hear better with BeHear EasyListen™ technology that slows down speech in real time

“Leave your name and number at the tone. S l o w l y.” Susan’s father is in his 80s. His mind is sharp. He has no problem using his mobile for phone and even video calls. Unlike the younger..... Read more >

“Quit yelling at the people in the supermarket for the wrong reasons,” says Mr. Berger after trying his new hearing device.

In this interesting BeHear NOW review Robert M. Berger provides his perspective on hearing aids, overpriced hearing devices, and explains why BeHear NOW fulfills his hearing requirements. My hearing has been fading for several years and recently I began shopping..... Read more >

Hearing loss impacts relationships – with BeHear NOW I can hear my wife

Hearing loss negatively impacts relationships, creating strain between husband and wife, making it harder to connect and enjoy each other’s company. Nobby uses BeHear NOW when he is with his wife and to listen to music while doing other activities..... Read more >

Dave Taylor Reviews BeHear PROXY Neck Speaker

Imagine a pair of earbuds that combine with two speakers that can sit comfortably on your shoulders. Add a great microphone and some assistive listening tech and you’ve got the BeHear PROXY Shoulder Speaker and Earphones from Alango Technologies. Tech..... Read more >

BeHear PROXY neck speaker reduces listening fatigue

Watching TV has also become a pleasure. I can hear at my own volume. I do not bother anybody, no one else disturbs me. And no one hears me saying “shush” anymore. Read more >

“I can’t imagine having just my hearing aids, anymore”

If I had known about BeHear PROXY when I was first dealing with getting hearing aids, I think it would have been a great help in navigating my issues of self-image as I came to terms with the fact that..... Read more >

I can listen to a podcast whilst mowing the lawn!

"There are a number of activities that have improved that I had not considered originally; for example, I can listen to a podcast whilst mowing the lawn or adjust the sound settings on the fly for a difficult sound situation...... Read more >

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