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ListenThrough™ Provides Assistive Listening for Everyone to Enjoy

Sure, you want to appreciate your music to its fullest, and that means listening to it via a top-quality headset that blocks out distracting noises. However, it’s not always safe to disconnect completely from the environment. If you’re outdoors walking, jogging or cycling you still need to be aware of significant sounds around you, like horns, barking dogs, or your companion’s voice. If you’re indoors, you need to be aware if someone is trying to get your attention.

That’s where the special ListenThrough sound enhancement feature of BeHear comes in. ListenThrough facilitates auditory environment awareness while you are listening to audio content. It suppresses ambient noise while allowing important sounds, such as sirens or a colleague’s voice, to pass through to your ears.

Smart filters in BeHear keep ambient noise out and important sounds in, so you stay connected to the real world. Fully enjoy, communicate, and understand what you hear, without removing yourself completely from your environment.

Stay Alert While Enjoying Your Music

ListenThrough is an alertness feature developed by Alango Technologies, Ltd. that allows headphones to pass through only important sounds. It blocks ambient noise without compromising the listener’s music experience. It is a built-in sound enhancement feature of Alango’s Wear & Hear line of hearables and assistive hearing products, such as BeHear® and SALT™.

Do You Need to Sacrifice Quality Listening to Stay Safe?

Important environmental sounds can be masked almost completely while listening to loud music with headphones or earbuds. It is not only inconvenient but quite possibly life-threatening. Hundreds of people are injured every year while wearing headphones or earbuds simply because they were cut off from environmental sounds. The problem has been recognized by headphones and earphones manufacturers. However, existing “open microphone” and other similar technologies compromise music quality by allowing external sounds and ambient noises to reach the user’s ears.

Enjoy a full music experience without ambient noise distraction — while staying connected to important sounds from the real world.

How Does ListenThrough Sound Enhancement Work?


Overview of ListenThrough Assistive Listening

With ListenThrough technology it is possible to listen to clean music, but still be aware of the environment. ListenThrough is an alertness feature that allows headphones to pass through only the important sounds, blocking ambient noises and without compromising the music experience.

Following are descriptions of the components in the figure below:

Acoustic Feedback Suppression (AFC)

  • Eliminates the feedback loop between the transducers and the microphones.

Noise Suppressor (NS)

  • Automatically detects and attenuates stationary and transient noises.[/one-half-first][one-half]

ListenThrough Technology

  • A “smart algorithm” for headphones that allows important environmental sounds (alarm, car horn, train, etc.) to be passed through so that the user can listen to their music and and also remain aware of their environment.

Frequency Equalizer (EQ)

  • Allows adjustment of microphone frequency response with high frequency resolution.

Intelligent Mixer

  • The Intelligent Mixer receives a stereo audio signal and the signal from the ListenThrough block and mixes them according to to respective amplitudes ensuring that important environmental sounds are not too loud while not masked by loud music.[/one-half]

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