GadgetSpeak Blogger Reviews BeHear NOW

“…While this does not cure my Tinnitus – currently no one has a cure – it does lessen it as I am no longer straining to hear…”

GadgetSpeak logo♦ The following is a review posted by a reviewer on GadgetSpeak:

“You wear the earbuds and people think you are listening to music – which you may or may not be, as this setting does not require your phone even to be turned on – you just hear more. When I first tested these I had the TV on in the next room something I could not hear from that distance without the earbuds and I could hear tennis balls being hit and landing yes it was during Wimbledon…”

The bottom line:

“The App has settings for a number of situations including noisy places which for me were previously almost intolerable. These earbuds are ideal for those who wear glasses as no part of the bud touches the outside of the ear.”

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