CMS to Distribute Wear & Hear in Canada

Alango’s Wear & Hear line of personalized hearing devices to be distributed in Canada by hearing supply company, CMS

CMS, a healthcare consulting company which also created the hearables marketplace in Canada, will distribute Wear & Hear.
CMS, a healthcare consulting company which also created the hearables marketplace in Canada, will distribute Wear & Hear in that territory.

♦ Alango has signed a distribution agreement with Clinic Management Services Inc. (“CMS”), a healthcare consulting company which also created the hearables marketplace in Canada. According to the agreement, CMS will sell Alango’s “Wear & Hear” line of Personal Hearing Devices via their online store, specialty channels, and traditional consumer electronics channels in Canada.

Assistive Hearing Products Form New Hearables Category

To address the needs of the millions of people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss worldwide (who are not currently benefiting from hearing aids), Alango has incorporated its field-proven digital sound processing technologies into a line of affordable, wearable consumer electronics devices that provide personalized hearing enhancement to the wearer. The result: a new product line under the brand name “Wear & Hear”.

Experienced Healthcare Clinic Consultants Connect Hearing Professionals with Solutions

CMS recently participated in the annual Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA 2018) event, exhibiting the Wear & Hear products alongside other hearables in their booth. It was an opportunity to meet progressive audiologists looking to make a difference in their practices and introduce them to differentiated products that solve real client issues.

“With their real-world healthcare clinic experience, CMS is a trusted consultant for hearing professionals,” states Dr. Alexander Goldin, CEO and founder of Alango Technologies, Ltd. “I believe they are well-positioned to launch our Wear & Hear line of affordable, stylish, comfortable personalized hearing devices in Canada.”

“The hearing industry is at a crossroads. Multi-purpose hearing devices will bring the same catalytic change that smart phones brought to the mobile industry,” predicts Sharad Ojha, CEO of Clinic Management Services and According to Sharad, “This is the time for forward-thinking clinicians to embrace hearables and make them an inclusive part of their practices, to help the majority of clients who come into their clinics. We are very excited about our partnership with Alango because the Wear & Hear line of products provides a tangible, cost-effective solution to people who have a hearing challenge but do not choose to use hearing aids.”

Hearables Line Combines Alango Sound Enhancement Technology with State-of-the-Art Consumer Electronics

The Wear & Hear line of stylish, affordable, always-on, always-connected wearable audio devices is designed to enhance user’s hearing and deliver customized, crystal clear and pleasantly natural audio and voice directly to an individual’s ears.

The first member of the Wear & Hear product line, BeHear® NOW, is a multi-functional, high-performance, low-cost alternative to traditional hearing aids. It is a self-tunable, truly personal Bluetooth headset featuring advanced signal processing with ambient hearing enhancement and assistive listening capabilities. After a simple hearing assessment performed via an intuitive smartphone application supporting both Android and iOS devices, all BeHear sounds (ambient, phone calls or music) are customized for the auditory system of the wearer.

HearLink™ is a Bluetooth transmitter that connects to the standard analog audio output of most audio devices or television sets. It sends the audio signal directly to the paired BeHear® NOW headset, thus eliminating ambient noises, room reverberation, and other types of sound interference which hamper intelligibility of speech and music appreciation.

About Client Management Services (CMS)

CMS is a leading business solutions provider for independent clinic owners and healthcare providers. With deep expertise in managing businesses and operating successful clinics, CMS’ world class solutions are designed to make healthcare practices more efficient. CMS works with leading research labs across the world to bring the latest in hearable technology to the Canadian market. With a wide distribution network, our mandate is to make hearable technology available to communities across Canada. (

About Alango Technologies, Ltd.

Alango Technologies, Ltd. ( has been developing sound enhancement technologies since 2002, selling over 40 million software licenses that improve the audio experience in automotive, entertainment, and smart home applications around the world. Realizing the importance and opportunity of combining the sound enhancement technology found in hearing aids with the advances and costs in the consumer electronics world, the Company is now using its field-proven expertise in sound technology to create products for personal hearing enhancement: the “Wear & Hear” product line (

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