Amazon Customer Compares BeHear NOW to Other Hearables

“These are the best out there”

The BeHear NOW headset enhances hearing in three different modes: mobile phone calls, live conversations, and audio via Bluetooth.

♦ The following is a review posted by a customer on Amazon:

“First, some background. I have a hearing problem. I have hearing aids but they don’t work well in multiple situations such as in a restaurant, movie, watching tv (alone or with my wife). I have tried numerous other modalities. For TV Sennheiser headphones were good. But you need Bluetooth as well and the Bose Hearphones are excellent (and $499). I bought the IQboost (again $499 but got on special at $399) and these would be ok IF they didn’t fall out. The IQboost is to me a joke.”

The bottom line:

“I saw these at $279 and felt worth a gamble. Well, these are the best out there. Try them. If you have a hearing problem you should try these.”

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