What is the BeHear SMARTO personal hearing amplifier?

BeHear® SMARTO is the first of its kind: a fully customizable hand-held or body-worn personal listening amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity. It is intended for the elderly and those who need a conversation booster to stay connected to friends, family, and colleagues.

SMARTO provides up to 70dB of ambient sound amplification that can be adjusted quickly and easily to match the user’s personal listening preferences. While specifically designed to enhance listening for live conversations, the Bluetooth support expands its functionality to cell phone and Internet calls. SMARTO is also ideal for listening to streamed Bluetooth audio from smartphones, televisions, and computers.

Much more than a personalized amplifier, support for Qualcomm apt-X low latency audio streaming transforms it into an ideal TV listening system as well. A programmable single-press emergency call button keeps the user safe (and reassures the family).

While SMARTO works “out of the box”, allowing users to adjust volume, tone, and microphone directionality settings easily on the device itself, it can also be customized via the dedicated BeHear smartphone application. Users independently (or with minimal assistance) perform a simple hearing assessment, the results of which are automatically applied to the device. From that point on, all sounds are customized precisely to fit the user’s specific hearing loss, well beyond what could be achieved with simple volume and tone control.

To address one of the most prevalent and difficult hearing challenges, SMARTO also features Alango’s background noise reduction algorithm, field-proven in over 70 million products worldwide.

BeHear SMARTO personal listening device in charging stationLarge, colorful control buttons of different shapes will be appreciated by those with visual or dexterity limitations. To further simply operation, and for users with dementia, there is an option to lock the functionality of some or all buttons.

SMARTO is rechargeable, using a convenient magnetized charging station, for up to 48 hours of continuous use. SMARTO comes with two types of wired lightweight headsets (over-the-ear, and in-ear buds with multiple sizes and shapes of silicone tips). It can be hand-held for pointing at the direction of sound, worn around the neck using its comfortable lanyard, or securely clipped onto a pocket, purse, or belt.

What makes the BeHear SMARTO personal hearing amplifier so innovative?

BeHear SMARTO is the first fully customizable personal listening amplifier with Bluetooth.

Easy to listen

  • Customized amplification: What the user hears isn’t just louder, it is personalized to suit his/her unique hearing profile.
  • Sound source focus: With the press of a button, the beamforming function zeroes in on sound coming from a specific direction.
  • Noise control: Users determine the level of background noise reduction with a simple four-point slider in the BeHear app.
  • Loud and clear mobile calls: Conversation flows more easily due to increased comprehension, based on personalized amplification

Easy to use

Large, colorful buttons control volume, tone, and handle phone calls. More complex functions can be locked to avoid accidental operation. A bright LED display indicates battery status, and the unit is recharged easily using a convenient, magnetized cradle.

Easy to stay safe

A single-press user-defined emergency call option makes it easy for the wearer to get assistance, if needed, and gives family members built-in peace of mind.

BeHear SMARTO is the first fully customizable personal hearing amplifier with support for Bluetooth connectivity.

The BeHear SMARTO personal hearing amplifier is currently under development, planned for commercial release in Q1 2022.
A limited quantity is currently in production. Place your preorder now to reserve a unit at a discounted price!

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