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These days many people are confined to their homes. Those with hearing loss, especially those aged 65 and older, experience more frustration than ever as they struggle to deal with the following challenges:

Face-to-Face Communication

Being able to communicate with a hearing-impaired person without raising your voice or, from the impaired side, without asking the speaker to talk louder, clearer, etc., may greatly reduce otherwise quickly accelerating stress and mutual antagonism.

challenging conversation between girlfriends with megaphone
Are you often asking people to speak louder in order to understand what they are saying?

Wear & Hear products can help keep the family peace by enhancing and clarifying speech.

Mobile Phone Conversations

Many seniors are prevented from communicating in person with their families and are relying on phone conversations to stay in touch. For those with hearing loss it is more difficult to understand phone speech because they do not have the visual cues afforded by in-person conversation.

Do you find it difficult to understand people on the phone?

Also, phone amplification options and the sound quality of modern phones are limited. The sound options of mobile phones may also not allow suitable personalization.

Wear & Hear products enable phone calls with high quality sound optimized for the user’s specific hearing loss. They can even slow down the voices of fast talkers, making them more intelligible, without asking them to do so.

Watching Television

People are watching more television these days. Being able to comprehend TV dialogue at normal volumes will add to the watcher’s enjoyment, AND be appreciated by other house dwellers / neighbors.

Do you often disagree about the television volume?

Wear & Hear products work as top-quality TV listening systems with personalized sound.

Alleviating Stress with Music

Stress is a big problem for people confined to a small space. Quiet, calm music is a great relaxation tool when you can hear it as it was meant to be heard. Unfortunately, hearing impaired people are often deprived of this. Listening and enjoying quiet music requires good hearing; otherwise, it either cannot be heard at all, or it is too loud. There is simply no comfortable listening level.

Hearing enhancement for mobile calls and streamed audio.
Do you want to truly appreciate music, with all its nuances?

Wear & Hear products allow people to reduce their stress by enhancing audio to suit their unique hearing profile.

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