SALTTM Transceiver

SALT Personal Sound Amplifier

SALT TM (Smart Assistive Listening Transceiver) is a revolutionary, truly Personal Sound Amplifier that also works as an advanced Bluetooth® stereo headset and Assistive Listening Device.

SALT uses a powerful Digital Signal Processor to apply Alango Technologies’ proprietary voice and audio enhancement technologies, such as ListenThrough TM sound enhancement and EasyListen TM slow down speech, which are customizable for specific hearing loss or user preferences.

SALT can be personalized intuitively by a user via a smartphone application. Cleaned, amplified and personally-tuned sound is delivered directly to the user’s ears via headphones, or to the user’s hearing aid via induction neck loop.

SALT can work additionally as a speakerphone, wireless intercom, vibration alert, smart fall detector, emergency call device, and much more. All features are customizable.

SALT is a personal sound amplifier that works as a Bluetooth stereo headset, providing a wide range of assistive listening functionality.

Personal Sound Amplifier With Extended Connectivity

  • Personal Sound Amplifier Multi-channel sound amplification with advanced beamforming, noise and feedback cancellation
  • T-Coil Receiver Directly receives sound of interest in places fitted with induction loop
  • Bluetooth Headset Enables voice communication and music listening with personalized sound
  • Safety and Healthcare
    • Emergency call button
    • Intelligent fall detector
    • Vibration and sound alerts
  • Remote Microphone Virtually decreases the distance between the user and other people
  • Bluetooth Intercom Communicates with another SALT user directly
  • TV Listening System Directly transmits TV sound to user’s SALT device

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